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Real Estate & Mortgage Lending Services

The purchase and/or sale of a home is a major event in anyone’s life.  At Saulino & Silvia, P.C. we are most happy to be an integral part of your real estate transaction. Our attorneys are adept at representing both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property.  We have the knowledge and skill to represent you from negotiation of a sale through the closing transaction.  Our firm enjoys a solid working relationship with over thirty (30) local and national lending institutions. Our attorneys work closely with our lenders, being responsive to changing circumstances and to difficult time requirements, to ensure that the needs of both our clients and their customers are met. As a result of our expertise and experience we are known as a competitive and well respected law office in the real estate industry. We hope that this information is helpful in evaluating our qualifications to represent you in your next real estate or mortgage loan transaction.

Criminal Law

Saulino & Silvia, P.C. has extensive experience in the representation of clients relative to criminal litigation in both the District and Superior Courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The attorneys at Saulino & Slivia, P.C. have vast experience representing individuals charged with a simple misdemeanor or a complicated felony. The attorneys at Saulino & Slivia, P.C. are both well known, and well respected, for their trial experience in the Bristol County area.

Family Law

There are a myriad of issues involved in the general area of Family Law. Our attorneys have over forty years of combined experience representing clients in the areas covered under the umbrella of Family Law. Whether dealing with the complex issues surrounding a divorce action, a paternity action, or issues surrounding custody, support, and visitation, our attorneys possess the requisite knowledge and experience to help you navigate the complex system known as the Probate and Family Courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Civil Litigation

The Law Firm of Saulino and Silvia, P.C. is adept at representing clients in a variety of civil matters including civil litigation regarding personal injury cases, contract actions, and litigation regarding real estate disputes. Our attorneys have handled numerous civil disputes at both the Superior and District Court levels.

Probate and Estates

Many times the death of a loved one brings with it complicated legal issues in addition to the emotional trauma one suffers with the loss of their family member or friend. Often, subsequent to an individual’s death, it becomes apparent that the intervention of the Probate and Family Court will be required to “settle” the affairs of the deceased individual. Proceedings in Probate and Family Court many times can be a long and detailed process. The attorneys at Saulino and Silvia, P.C. have the experience to assist you and your family through this process. Our working knowledge of the Probate and Family Court combined with the solid working relationship we enjoy with court personnel will allow us to handle your matters with competency and ease.  In addition, our firm is adept at Guardianships and all related Domestic Relations matter that are handled by the Probate and Family Court in the Commonwealth.

Wills and Trusts

The area of Wills and Trusts is vast and ever-changing. While we strongly encourage our clients to execute a Last Will and Testament, the decision to transfer one’s assets to a Trust is left to each client’s discretion. The attorneys at Saulino and Silvia are well-versed in the drafting of both Wills and Trusts. We can intelligently advise you about  the various types of Trusts that are available, and then help you make an informed decision as to which one best meets your needs and expectations. Whether you need a simple Will or a complex Trust, we can guide you through the process intelligently and efficiently. We work closely with our clients and their tax advisors to ensure that we thoroughly understand their objectives and then we work diligently to ensure that the final documentation accurately reflects those objectives.


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